Are you hoping to get approved for a phone contract but has bad credit getting in the way? If you've been refused elsewhere and are left with no choice, you came to the right place. At Baby Fish Phones, we cater especially to people like you. No matter your credit score, we promise to offer you and thousands other the most suitable and affordable bad credit mobile phones for your needs.

Who is Baby Fish Phones?

Baby Fish Phones is your trusted and reliable partner if you're looking for a mobile phone contract even with bad credit. Driven by our mission to help those who struggle, we have established this website to serve as an accessible online portal for customers across UK. No matter your credit situation or financial circumstances, Baby Fish Phones aim to offer solution and a guiding hand to each and every one of customers.

Since starting, Baby Fish Phones has helped numerous customers find the best phone deal for their needs even with bad credit. We promise to continue to do the same for your and other potential customers with the help of our key suppliers and partners such as Money Super Market.

What We Do?

Focused on ensuring that everyone gets a deal perfect for their needs and budget, Baby Fish Phones strives to offer our customers one of the widest and broadest handset selections available in the market today. On top of that, we have a team of researchers who scout the market and connect with top carriers to ensure that you're getting phone tariffs at affordable prices.

We further go the extra mile by giving advice for our customers. Rather than merely offer phone deals for people with bad credit, we assess every application according to your needs and financial situation to ensure you're going to get the best deal you can afford and will be satisfied with.

What are Phone Contracts?

Majority of mobile users in the UK are hooked to a phone contract which means they pay a fixed monthly fee for the next 12, 18 or 24 months. The fee covers the cost of the handset as well as the phone bundle which include call, text and data services. Phone contracts, therefore, are a great way for people to get a new handset along with their phone services.

If you've been eyeing the latest iPhone or Samsung mobile phone, for example, but has no cash to pay for the phone upfront, applying for a phone contract is the way to go. To know more about phone contracts, click here. or visit